About Creatively Inspired Workshops

Hello! My name is Amanda and I am the founder of Creatively Inspired Workshops!

Here at Creatively Inspired Workshops I specialize in DIY kits, laser cut shapes and ready made home décor! I want you to feel empowered to create beautiful things for your home!

Our theme for 2021 is...Together we will create the joy we want to see! 

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Creating is a part of who I am. There is rarely a project that I shy away from. I believe that we all can create beautiful things with our own hands! No matter the skill level, We all have an inner creative inside!
I currently live in Massachusetts where we have the most beautiful autumns! I would not be living in this beautiful area if it wasn't for being a Military Spouse! For the last 18 years my husband (my high school sweetheart) have traveled the world serving our county. For many years I was a Registered Nurse and even in nursing I found that skill to be an art just as much as the art I work in today. 
We have two kids! A boy and a girl that keeps us on our toes!
After years of moving and starting over in new locations every 2-3 years I started to feel like I was losing myself in all the chaos. That is when I decided to build a business of my own and teach others what I knew. It gave me an outlet that was all mine and a sense of purpose teaching others to feel confident and to see the inner creative within themselves.
Next thing I knew I was teaching local classes building wood projects. It fed my soul seeing their faces when they would complete a project. I could see their sense of pride in themselves and it brought so much joy to me!
Through this amazing journey I met some other business owners in the same creative field. We have worked together to help each other be successful. I love being able to supply them with laser cut items to help give their business unique items.
So, here I am! I have a business that encourages everyone from weekend crafters to small businesses to be able to create what they envision. I am so thankful to be here! I truly pride myself in offering quality products and giving excellent customer service. I am here because of you! Thank you!